About Us

About Us.

UK-wide professional accountants and business growth experts.

Whether you're looking for accountancy, tax planning, business advice or even lifestyle coaching, we have the expertise and experience to give you the service you're after, with results that will exceed your expectations. So who are we?

We're your professional neighbourhood accounting team - wherever your neighbourhood happens to be. Based in both Aldwych, the heart of central London, and Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, we're adept at using the wonders of modern technology to give you the same fabulous service, whether you're in Hampstead or Hull. But if you do happen to be more local, let us know when we can meet up for friendly 'Hello!'

Meet Our Team

SRK Team


Managing Partner

Qualification: ACA

Mini-CV: Three years at KPMG, two years at Thomas Cook, one year with Paramount Pictures and 5+ years running SRK

When not crunching numbers, he's happiest... spending time with his lovely wife, Kiran, and his boys, Caleb and Jax.

His 'castle in the sky' is a... Mediterranean villa with plenty of space for the whole family, including the all-important babysitters!

Make his day with a... pint of Guinness.

SRK Team



Qualification: FCCA

Mini-CV: Trained and qualified with Haines Watts and two years at Silver Levene

When not crunching numbers, he's happiest... playing sports such as hockey, running, cycling and swimming with his son.

His 'castle in the sky' is a...farmhouse in rolling countryside, with livestock and crops to feed the family!

Make his day with a...sushi lunch.

SRK Team


Head of Business Development 

Qualification: 20 Years Financial Industry Experience 

Mini-CV: Financial Industry Marketing and Sales

When she's not hard at work, she's happiest... trying to keep fit, spending time with family and friends and helping with the charity Unique Homes for Girls.

Her 'castle in the sky' is a... nice long stretch of beach with soft white hot sand to run along.

Make her day with a... bunch of fresh flowers.

SRK Team


Marketing Executive 

Qualification: BA (Hons)

Mini-CV: Background in Managerial Marketing, Events and Customer Service Consulting 

When she's not hard at work, she's happiest... travelling to as many countries as possible.

Her 'castle in the sky' is a... hammock in the sun, surrounded by sausage dogs!

Make her day with... any baby animal.

SRK Team


Senior Client Manager

Qualification: ACA 

Mini-CV: Ernst and Young and work experience at mid-tier accounting firms

When not crunching numbers, he's happiest... relaxing on the couch watching TV, spending time with family and friends, playing badminton, or researching his next weekend getaway.

His 'castle in the sky' is a... high-tech house, just big enough for his family and a spare room, where everything opens and closes using a tablet and the lights change colour at the click of a button, but with a tranquil garden and sports car to enjoy. (Can you tell he's detail-orientated?)

Make his day with a... pack of Milkybar Buttons or Minstrels.

SRK Team


Client Manager

Qualification: ACA (in progress)

Mini-CV: Training at SRK

When not crunching numbers, she's happiest... scouring cities for the ultimate combination of good food and an even better view.

Her 'castle in the sky' is a... beachside penthouse that overlooks calming clear blue waters, but is only a short hop from a vibrant city.

Make her day with a... lychee martini.


Client Services Coordinator

Qualification: BA (Hons)


Mini-CV: Teach First Programme for two years, and administrative experience within the finance sector

When she's not hard at work, she's happiest... relaxing at home, reading a good book and travelling to new places.

Her 'castle in the sky' is... exploring European cities.

Make her day with a... good cup of coffee


Our partners

In addition to our core team, we also rely on the expertise of our partners:
Shayne (Technical Tax Partner)
Ben (Chartered Tax Partner)
Edward (Legal Partner)

Back office team

And finally, all of our work is supported by our back office team:

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